Linette Rainville


Hi! I'm Linette, I am a Ministry Development Coach. I help KINGDOM MINDED sisters ON MISSION, develop her God given dreams, gifts and calling so she can become an effective arrow to impact her circle of influence.

If you want to build and launch your mission, I am like a Joan of Arc who releases ARROWS of PURPOSE!

Linette is a Mission Builder Coach, Non-profit leader and sister-friend to all who meet her.  
This U.S. Navy Veteran now serves in the Army of God, as a Visionary, Mentor and Movement Leader of Christian women at Daughters United- International.

You will love her heartwarming, authentic, gutsy spirit as she inspires and dares you to dream BIGGER...

"Doing what you can, right where you are, with what you have."                              -Linette Rainville

She is a MINISTRY PIONEER, who grew a MILLION DOLLAR OUTREACH from one bag of clothing. 

Linette carries a mantle and a deep passion to see her sisters healed and set free so they can deploy God's CALLING in their lives.

She has dedicated the past 30 years of her life growing and developing dreams and ministries for the Kingdom of God and now her heart is to pour encouragement into the next generation of MOVEMENT MAKERS.

As Mission Builder Coach, Linette helps Christian Women leaders launch, transition or expand their projects, missions and callings.

She is like a "spiritual midwife" who helps birth the Mustard Seed Dreams of others.

She comes well armored and equipped to serve from a well rounded toolkit as a
Mother, Nurse, Veteran, Chaplain, Course Developer, LINKED Personality Trainer and Certified Leadership Coach.

Linette says her greatest accomplishment is that of being a proud MAMA to her grown children and "GIGI" to her grandbabies.  She loves the people in her hometown of Buffalo, NY- the city of snow, ORIGINAL Buffalo Wings and big hearted good neighbors!

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Or reach Linette at: [email protected]

What will you do with that dream living on the inside of you?

Here are the reasons you can depend on me to help you develop your God given dreams, gifts and calling:

  • REPUTABLE – Linette Rainville a respected leader in her field and community.
  • EXPERIENCED – Our proudest accomplishment is the large number of long term clients who put their trust in our organization year after year.
  • INTEGRITY  Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose. The foundation of our reputation is our commitment to do the right thing at all times, regardless of whether anyone is watching.
  • RESOURCES  We offer a wide variety of development and training programs built on timeless principles that get results.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE  All of our curriculum can be customized to specifically address your individual and organizational needs.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. We will do whatever it takes to help you reach your God given goals.

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STOP Dreaming, START DOING! by Linette Rainville

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  • WHAT is our BIG WHY?
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  • Say HELLO to your WHO!

What People Are Saying:

Joyce Zook

Author, Speaker, Christian Life Coach- Practical Christian Woman, Dallas, Texas

"I love Linette's vision and passion for helping women walk out their calling to serve God in their churches and communities.  When she asked me to share from one of my books to help ladies develop their God-given beauty and confidence, the opportunity spurred me on to greater heights to reach others.

Linette's vision and enthusiasm to encourage, grow and develop Christian women leaders encourages us to step out in faith and go where God is leading us."

Angel Davis

Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO of Destined Global Ministries / Host of ANGEL ON THE AIR Podcast, Buffalo, NY

"What a Powerhouse Linette is! This is her Wheelhouse! If you’ve been praying for help because you’re  feeling stuck  in your personal or ministerial missional journey and are in need of expert level spiritual insight, search no further. Linette’s Coaching & Guidance is both informative & transformational. Her skillful assessments are only exceeded by her experience & compassion! This unique service is highly sought after. I strongly encourage you not to delay in contacting her."

Eleanor Brown

Eleanor Brown Counseling
United States/ Global

"Working with Linette has been great. When I was struggling with the many tasks of starting and running a private practice counseling business, she helped me fine tune my mission statement as well as my personal and professional goals. With her coaching, I was able to develop a roadmap that would help me realize my dreams.

Linette listened to me and helped me prioritize the tasks I would need to complete to reach my goals."

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